Emotion-Driven Forex Trading Mistakes: A Trader’s Tale and How to Overcome Them

emotional driven forex trading mistakes a traders tale and how to overcome them

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ever wondered why some traders consistently succeed in the Forex market while others stumble? The answer often lies not in their strategies but in their emotions. Our story today is about Alex, a seasoned trader who, despite his experience, continues to grapple with costly trading errors because of emotions clouding his judgement. A Tale of … Read more

We passed the 100k FTMO Prop Firm Trial: What we learnt

what we learnt passing the FTMO prop firm challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes We passed the FTMO prop firm 100,000 usd trial challenge in 9 days. For those who are in trading, I’m sure you are aware how difficult it can be for many people trying it themselves. For those who aren’t, a prop firm challenge is a simulated trading environment where you have to prove your skills … Read more