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"Their consistent success in growing my account month after month has brought me comfort and peace of mind."

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Why should I join Mad For Gold?

Are you ready to turn your investments into gold mines? Introducing Mad for Gold, your gateway to unlocking the potential of gold trading. With our cutting-edge system, you can earn impressive returns of up to 20% per month on your investment. Say goodbye to slow and boring traditional investment methods and embrace the future of wealth accumulation.

Maximise Returns

With Mad for Gold, you can potentially earn up to 20% per month returns on your investment, far surpassing conventional investment avenues.

Low Barrier to Entry

Start trading with as little as $300, making it accessible for investors of all levels.

Seamless Integration

Simply use our affiliate link from your preferred broker and pay a nominal $25 monthly subscription fee to access our revolutionary trading system.

Passive Income Opportunity

Let your trading account join forces with ours, allowing you to earn effortlessly from our successful trades.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our team's expertise and market insights to make informed trading decisions.

Secure and Reliable

Rest assured that your investments are in safe hands with our trusted and transparent brokers and system.

How do I Get Started?


Sign up with our brokers of choice using our affiliate link. You can either sign up for Exness, HFM or BDSwiss (Canadian Signups)


Create a cent account once your account is verified on the broker. Using the options, MT4, leverage of 1:1000, USC (United States Cent). Keep note of your trading username and password for this as you'll be sharing it with us to do the trading for you. 


Fund the account with a minimum of 300 USD using whichever methods are available (usually Bank Card, Cryptocurrency, Skrill, Neteller or Perfect Money).


Pay us the subscription of 25 USD to begin the trading for you. This 25 USD is a monthly subscription to continue the trading for you.

Since I joined Fortune Masters for forex trading, my investment journey has been nothing short of exceptional. After experiencing losses with numerous investments in the past, I found solace in their expertise. Their consistent success in growing my account month after month has brought me comfort and peace of mind. If you're looking for reliable partners to navigate the forex market, Fortune Masters is the clear choice.

N. Warren (FM Client)

Firstly I appreciated the guidance in setting up the brokerage account and so far within the first month profits are +8%.

Pretty good performance by any standard!

M. Subero (FM Client)

Fortune Masters has proven to be the #1 ranked service provider to me and my associates when it comes to Digital Trading. The engine which drives this enterprise could easily be compared to the Rolls-Royce of Services. I will recommend that individuals or companies looking for Digital Trading, seek and find Fortune Masters. The comfort and ease of mind experienced when conducting business with this entity is second to none. I place my STAMP of approval.

F. Quashie (FM Client)

Maximise your investment potential now 

Amazing trading signals from this business! I had an income boost after following the signals given. Highly recommended!

Nicole C.

They are true professionals and a very positive and client oriented group. Gave their all to make us happy. In which I was very grateful.

Patricia B.

Their team is knowledgeable and responsive, which has been instrumental in managing my investments. The process has been smooth, transparent, and professional from the start.

Jesse S.

I'm ready to get Mad for Gold!

Mad for Gold Monthly Subscription

$25 USD

A month of excellent gold trading by the Mad For Gold Team, aiming for 20% plus in profits per month.

What Are You Waiting For? 

Joining today would allow you to take advantage of growing your money unlike anywhere else. 


Are there any guarantees of profit?

When it comes to guarantees in anything to do with forex, there are none. The markets are unpredictable even to those who have the best planning and approach within it. This is why the profit target is an aim and not a guarantee. We will aim for up to 20% returns on investments, but it is not guaranteed that this will be reached each month.

However, the possibility exists where we can reach even more than that in some months, and you can be there to enjoy the profits!

what is the maximum amount of funds i can put in the trading account?

The maximum amount of funds you can put in the trading account at this time is 5,000 USD for trading. Once an account reaches 10,000 USD, you will be requested to either take the profits to make another cent account (which will be another 25 USD a month to run), or join another program with it. The good news is, your original capital can continue to earn for you with the Mad for Gold returns!

what happens if I make trades on my own in the account?

To keep the calculations with the traders in sync and accurate, we ask you to not make any trades on the trading account that is linked with our trading team. This includes, opening a new trade and closing off an existing trade. If you do this, you will first receive a warning, as this is not advisable to do, but we understand mistakes happen. The second time this is done after the warning, trading will be ceased on your account and you will be removed from the system. If you would like to make a withdrawal, you can inform the team and do such. This would allow us to prepare for the reduction of funds and trade on your account with the right calculations. Remember, there must be a minimum of at least 300 USD in the account for trading to continue.

We advise that you use the investor login for your account in MetaTrader 4 if you would like to see how the trades are going. This will allow you to watch the trades and you will not have the ability to accidentially open up a new trade. You also have the option of logging into the broker of choice to see the performance of the account and see what trades have closed, this is a great way at a glance to see how things are going. 

Finally, you have the option to get an email sent to you every day after trading that will show the results for the day and also the month. These are some alternatives to ensure you see what is going on with the trading, without having the ability to make a mistake as stated above.

Is my account protected from getting blown or lost?

Whilst all efforts will be made to ensure that accounts are protected and capital is secured, there is no guarantee with the markets that an account cannot blow due to a margin call or a strong restructuring in the gold markets. We have not had any blown accounts with Mad for Gold as we aim for a low drawdown (negative floating amount) and reasonable quick returns with our trading.

However, as stated before, we cannot always anticipate what the markets have in store, there can always be a case where there is a strain on the accounts.

Rest assured, that even during this time, as long as the account is still active and trading, we will ensure all efforts to protect the account and ensure healthy profits are coming in.