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Smart Money Concepts Course

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About Course

The Forex Trading Smart Money Concepts (SMC) Course by Fortune Masters is a comprehensive course that will take you from trading novice to successful trader. In this course, you will learn the smart money concepts of Forex trading and gain valuable insights on how the currency market works.

We’ll cover topics such as types of liquidity, market structure, premium discount equilibrium, proper use of Fibonacci, institutional reference points, entry areas and more.

With this in-depth training from experienced instructors, you can become a master of Forex trading and start making money with confidence.

So don’t miss out – join now and start taking advantage of these incredible opportunities!

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What Will You Learn?

  • The fundamentals of Forex trading.
  • An understanding of the different types of liquidity and their roles in the market.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of market structure and its impact on trading.
  • The concepts of premium discount equilibrium and its use in Forex trading.
  • The proper use of Fibonacci in trading, including how and when to apply it for optimal results.
  • An insight into institutional reference points, and how these can guide trading decisions.
  • Strategies for identifying and taking advantage of the best entry areas in the market.
  • Techniques for managing risks and enhancing profitability.
  • The art of making informed predictions based on market trends rather than guesses.
  • How to successfully navigate the Forex market using Smart Money Concepts.
  • Learn the discipline of waiting for the right moment to enter a trade, ensuring you're not prematurely committing based on emotion or incomplete information.

Course Content

What is Smart Money Concepts?
Smart Money Concepts Forex Trading is an introductory course designed to teach the basics of foreign exchange trading. The course covers topics such as currency pairs, leverage, risk management, charting and technical analysis, fundamental analysis, order types, and risk-reward ratios. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools available for successful forex trading.

  • Understanding Liquidity and Institutional Order Flow in Smart Money Concepts
  • Understanding Liquidity and Institutional Order Flow in Smart Money Concepts

Understanding Liquidity in Trading
Chapter 2 focuses on the integral aspect of trading - liquidity, explicating its three main types: Buy Side Liquidity, Sell Side Liquidity, and Internal Range Liquidity. It sheds light on how prices are determined by specific market highs and lows and the behaviours of retail traders. The chapter ends by reiterating the importance of aligning trades with market trends and sets the stage for Chapter 3, which will delve into the complex concept of Market Structure.

Understanding Market Structure
In this section, we delve into the crucial aspect of understanding market structures and how they influence your trading decisions. Prepare to unlock the power of trend analysis, as we journey through the nuances of Bullish and Bearish Market Structures, and how to trade with the trend to maximise gains and minimise risk.

Understanding Range in Trading
In this chapter, we explored the critical concept of 'Range' in trading, which is the difference between the highest and lowest price of a market in a given period. We learn how to determine the range by identifying a valid high and a valid low.

Understanding Premium and Discount in SMC Style Trading
We delve into the exciting world of Smart Money Concept trading, focusing specifically on the key concepts of 'Premium' and 'Discount'. In this chapter, you'll learn how to capitalise on price fluctuations within the market, understanding when to sell at a premium and when to buy at a discount. Remember, trading with the trend is a crucial strategy for success, and it's one that we'll explore in depth in this chapter.

Understanding the Fibonacci Tool
In this chapter, we will take a detailed look at the Fibonacci Tool, an essential element in SMC Style trading. This powerful tool allows us to gauge the highs and lows of a range on any timeframe. By adjusting its numerous settings or relying on the in-built default ones, the Fibonacci Tool provides insights into the equilibrium and pinpoints key levels.

Mastering the Fibonacci Tool
This is a pivotal moment in your trading education where we introduce you to the Smart Money Concepts (SMC) style trading. A uniquely devised strategy that aims to minimise your risks while maximising returns. The star of this chapter is the Fibonacci tool - a powerful ally that aids in identifying potential entry and exit points. Breathe easy, we'll guide you every step of the way, laying out exactly how to configure this tool for optimal results. So gear up and keep in mind that the trend is your greatest ally in this journey. Let's dive in and unravel the mysteries of the Fibonacci tool together.

Understanding Institutional Reference Points
This chapter holds the key to understanding the fundamental aspects of Institutional Reference Points, what they are, how they're identified and how they play a pivotal role in the overall trading strategy.

Mastering Order Blocks
We'll be exploring Order Blocks, a key principle in Smart Money Concepts (SMC) style trading. As you delve into this chapter, you'll uncover the strategic importance of these distinct price areas and how they can significantly influence your trading outcomes. Get ready to transform your understanding of the market and enhance your trading strategies with the insights you'll gain from this chapter.

Breaker Blocks
This chapter is a deep dive into the transformational occurrences in the market that lead to the formation of 'Breaker Blocks'. As you navigate through this chapter, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of these pivotal market changes, and how they can shape your trading strategies for optimal gains.

Understanding Fair Value Gaps
In this chapter, we're going to demystify the term 'Fair Value Gaps' and unravel its significance in Smart Money Concept trading. Prepare to dive deep into this concept, as it's crucial for mastering the art of trading with minimal risk and maximal gains.

Mastering the Rejection Blocks in Smart Money Concepts
This chapter is dedicated to unravelling the power and strategic importance of 'Rejection Blocks'. With a detailed dissection of this concept, we aim to equip you with a nuanced understanding that will enhance your trading decisions, allowing you to optimise gains while minimising risks.

Understanding Entry Areas for Buys Using Reference Points
In this exciting chapter, we'll explore how to identify the best buying opportunities in a bullish market using reference points. Get ready to enhance your trading strategy and maximise your gains with reduced risk.

Mastering Entry Areas for Sells in a Bearish Market
This chapter will equip you with the essential skills to navigate and profit from a downward trending market, using the Fibonacci tool as your guide. Get ready to learn strategies on setting your sell orders, stop loss, and take-profit points to maximise your gains and minimise risk.

The Gateway to Your Financial Success
As you prepare to dive in, bear in mind that this chapter is designed to equip you with the skills to continually evolve and excel in the ever-changing landscape of the forex market. Hold on tight, because you're about to embark on a journey that will revolutionise your trading strategies and position you for sustained success in your trading career.

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5 months ago
This course is not for beginners. I will only know how much value was added when I start praticing on the charts.
6 months ago
I have completed the course and I totally understand the saying your trend is your friend ..guys very informative course...I recommend 100% for those who are willing to get educated before diving into the markets...SMC style trading is the way to go!
6 months ago
I really enjoyed this course. What I love best about it is that it shows different entry zones and techniques. It has definitely made a difference to my trading. SMC style trading is best!!!
6 months ago
This is an excellent course. It has made me understand price movement much better. The strategy behind everything here makes total sense. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you FM.
6 months ago
Just finished the Smart Money Concepts course, and wow, it's a total game-changer! It covers so much, like Fibonacci in trading, great risk management techniques, and how to predict based on market trends.

It's helped me be more patient, control my emotions, and make better decisions in my trading. The materials and videos and illustrations, were so helpful and easy to follow. If you're into Forex trading, no matter your experience level, I can't recommend this course enough!

Solid 5-stars from me!
6 months ago
This course while informative is very easy to follow. I feel much more confident about my trading knowledge. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn trading effectively.