We passed the 100k FTMO Prop Firm Trial: What we learnt

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We passed the FTMO prop firm 100,000 usd trial challenge in 9 days.

For those who are in trading, I’m sure you are aware how difficult it can be for many people trying it themselves.

For those who aren’t, a prop firm challenge is a simulated trading environment where you have to prove your skills and meet certain performance criteria within a given time frame. FTMO is considered the best and most reputable prop firm in the internet space, so the one recommended for most people to do their challenges and expect their payouts.

Once you meet that criteria, you share in the profits generated with the firm, sometimes as much as 90%. 

In this case, we had to make 5% of a 100,000 usd account within a timeframe of 14 days without losing more than 5% of the money in the account during that time.

This is where a lot of traders falter, when they cannot lose that amount of funds in the account.

When they lose, their emotions get the best of them, and it ends up becoming a negative spiral, and soon enough the account is lost or abandoned by many.

Only a small percentage of traders have passed these challenges and they keep the strategy close to their chest, not letting anyone know a single thing on what to do.

But today, I’m going to let you know what you can do to give yourself a great chance to pass the prop firm,

  • Always make sure to never over leverage no matter what. It’s better to be closer to running out of time rather than out of leverage. So start slow and build your momentum up from there.
  • Keep your drawdown to 3% to 4% max. Even keep in mind that the 5% is the max drawdown (daily drawdown) you can reach, and do not count the profits you’ve made as what can be lost that day as it can skew your calculations.
  • Have a plan and stick to it, use only a few pairs based on what you decided initially. Pair jumping without research can seriously hamper your results.
  • Only trade when there is opportunity to do so, never force the markets and respect news (red and yellow folders) when they come up.
  • Keep the same strategy no matter what. Pick a winning strategy and stick to it regardless of what the markets do.

That’s quite a bit to remember, but it will serve you well when you are seeking to pass prop firms.

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