Get the web presence your business deserves

Step 1. Choose a memorable domain name

Step 2.

Now that you've selected your domain, it's time to consider some of our powerful hosting options.


Even better, utilise our easy to use website builders, to create the perfect website in less than your work commute.

Step 3. You'll need some security and a few upgrades for that new website of yours


Get the latest and greatest that internet security has to offer with our options. Have the peace of mind that your website is working for you, and not the other way around.

Our history was developed with the notion in mind that you are a busy individual or organisation that wants to focus on running your business and need the tools to quickly and effectively do so. 


Yes, having a web presence is key, but won't it be great if it were simple, and didn't require all the technical terms that come along with it. 


That's where comes into play. 


We take your website problems, and automate it with our domain registration, hosting, security and ecommerce options so you build the website to your heart's content and then leave the heavy lifting to us. 


GoMicks, evolved web hosting for the evolved human.

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